How do I teach players to pass in kids lacrosse?

How to teach passing to beginners in kids lacrosse.

What are common problems with a kid’s lacrosse helmet (part 1)?

Helmets are one of the most important pieces of required equipment in kids lacrosse.  They are much better today than when I played.  I’ve heard that the powers-that-be continue to emphasize safety and the prevention of concussions.  Nevertheless kids’ helmets often present several problems for their parents and coaches. It’s very important to have a […]

What to take from the first game of the season in kids lacrosse?

My team had its first game of the season last weekend.  I met them for the first time the evening before.  This team consists of first and second graders.  They are roughly half “experienced” players and half beginners. We had the first game of the day.  Although we’re located in the deep south, it was […]