What to take from the first game of the season in kids lacrosse?

This post was written by Coach Tom on March 8, 2009
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My team had its first game of the season last weekend.  I met them for the first time the evening before.  This team consists of first and second graders.  They are roughly half “experienced” players and half beginners.

We had the first game of the day.  Although we’re located in the deep south, it was cold.  It was 42 degrees with a wind chill allegedly to as warm as 36 degrees.  The wind was over 24 mph and it felt colder than 36.  I know that it was much colder elsewhere in the country, but I doubt that they were playing lacrosse outdoors with munchkins.

Our opponents were comprised of a very similar set of players, yet they were a bit more successful on the field.

It would be easy to have come away from that game being discouraged.  Nothing we had practiced seemed to do my guys any good.  My careful planning of the line-ups didn’t seem to matter either.  The two defensive skills I had tried to teach the day before hadn’t taken.  Almost no player caught a pass.  No one cradled and the performance on ground balls would be generously described a mediocre.  The “veterans” seemed rusty.  We had several goals disallowed because of crease violations.  We were offside (uncalled by the ref) at least three times.

On the other hand, the beginners, using skills that I hadn’t taught them, played better than I had expected.  Every kid, veteren and beginner, played his heart out.  I wasn’t saying much, just watching.  They had a contagious enthusiasm.  Most of them ran on and off the field on shift changes.

When it was all over I felt great.  Everyone had fun and the players were wide-eyed with their post game awards.

As I thought about the game, my objective side bemoaned all the mistakes we made, not because I mind teaching the kids, but because we have so much to do in such a little time.  On the other hand, my subjective side kept pointing out that I had fun and the kids had fun.  What more could a coach want.

I love lacrosse.  I like coaching.  I like kids — I used to be one.

These little kids give me the opportunity to coach, to show them new things, and to contribute to their fun.  What should I take away from this first game?  The season has begun; the munchkins and I are going to have fun.

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