Children, Lacrosse, and Max Seibald.

This post was written by Coach Tom on June 1, 2009
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Here is an interesting article about Max Seibald, the 2009 Tewaaraton Trophy Winner:;jsessionid=3B63BD93DDF4D9F4EEC7F8B3038BD344.cnnsilive10i 

In addition to the human interest aspects, what struck me was how he began playing lacrosse.  Although he grew up on Long Island, kids in his town didn’t play lacrosse.  His interest as a six year old slowly grew into his town’s interest.  

Seibald did not have an experienced lacrosse coach until his sophomore year in high school.  Yet by the time he graduated from Cornell, the lacrosse world had acclaimed him as the best mens’ player in the country.

Seibald’s lacrosse career will likely go on in the professional or coaching ranks.  In addition to his outstanding play, two things will forever stick with me.  The first is that six years old’s persistence and enthusiasm.  I see it in the kids I have coached. The second is the unstated, but irresistible, conclusion that many adults had to help him along the way.  Most of these adults were unfamiliar with lacrosse, but nevertheless tried to maintain and nurture the increasing local interest in lacrosse.

Is it optimal for little kids to grow up in a lacrosse hot spot with experienced coaches?  Of course it is.  Max Seibald’s story, however,  proves that even a community just learning lacrosse can produce a champion.  Much more importantly, though, that community provided myriad munchkins with opportunities for enormous fun.

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A great story about a great player.

Do you know why the award is named “Tewaaraton?”

Written By Helper on June 22nd, 2009 @ 18:34

Tewaaraton is the name given by the Mohawk Indians – members of the Iroquois Confederacy – to the game we now call lacrosse.

Written By Bill Welty on March 30th, 2010 @ 08:08

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