Ground Balls: The First Skill in Kids’ Lacrosse

If you’re new to lacrosse, it won’t be long before someone tells you that successful lacrosse starts with ground balls. The ball is on the ground a lot in lacrosse—more so when the players are in elementary school. The team that picks up the most ground balls usually scores the most goals. Picking up ground […]

Ambidexterity in Kids’ Lacrosse: the Myth and the Reality

Lacrosse players need to pass and catch both right-handed and left-handed. For many years conventional wisdom mandated teaching at the same time use of both hands. In other words, lacrosse coaches thought you should teach right-handed players to go both right- and left-handed when teaching them passing and catching, and, teach left-handed players also to […]

In Kids’ Lacrosse, Practice is the Best Time to Fix Game Problems

In kids’ lacrosse, keeping players from slashing and body-checking during a game can be difficult. Your coaching will be most effective if you help players get their sticks and bodies under control during practice, which will carry over into games. Many munchkin players have trouble controlling their sticks. Some wind up for battle-axe slashes while […]