Problem Spectators–Spectator on the Field

This is the second in a series of posts where I’m discussing spectator behavior that causes problems. Another problem some spectators present is that they can’t stay off the field. Usually they just stand close to the sideline and occasionally step over it. Perhaps you’re thinking so what? What does it matter if a parent […]

Great Moments in Coaching

In the spirit of appreciating the humor of coaching little kids: “Coach, Coach, I tried to pass to Brent, but I scored a goal.” Coaching takeaway: We need to work on passing. Or do we?

Problem Spectators–The Spectator-coach

Over the course of several posts I am going to identify spectator behavior that causes problems. I’ll identify the behavior and explain why it’s a problem. If you coach for any length of time you’ll probably have a spectator that causes you grief. These problem spectators can present challenges in many ways. One kind of […]