Coaching Mistake–Underestimating Players’ Skills

This post is the second in a series about coaching mistakes. In the first coaching mistake post I discussed overestimating the ability of munchkins to do high school drills. A coach can underestimate players’ ability as well. Once I had learned to avoid the first mistake of overestimating players’ ability, I usually didn’t even try […]

Coaching Mistakes–Overestimating Players’ Skills

This post is the first of an occasional series regarding some coaching mistakes that occur when coaching little kids in lacrosse. I’ve made most of them and I want you to benefit from my mistakes. The very first coaching mistake I made when I started coaching kids’ lacrosse was thinking that the excellent coaching I […]

Problem Spectators–The Spectator Bully

This is the next in a series of posts where I’m discussing spectator behavior that causes problems. Once in a while, a parent who is trying to coach from the spectators’ sideline will rush onto the field to put a player in what the spectator thinks is the correct position. It can happen on a […]