DIY Coaching Tool: Player Placemats

There are many tools you can buy to assist your coaching kids’ lacrosse. Not every useful coaching aid is available for sale, though. Your purpose may not be what the manufacturer intended. Over the years I’ve made or repurposed several items to help my coaching. I’ll call these items “DIY Coaching Aids” for lack of […]

Coaching Mistake–Failing to Change Drills

I plan practices, both drills and the amount of time I want to spend on each drill. In coaching young players it’s often necessary to explain the drill several times and micromanage some aspects until the players start to understand. Consequently, even a drill that commences in fits and starts may begin to improve after […]

My Son Wants to Play Lacrosse

This blog is primarily intended for coaches and parents of kids’ lacrosse players. I’ve learned that parents seeking information about a program where their son can play lacrosse also read this blog. They contact me after their efforts have failed to recover information about local programs. I’m delighted whenever I hear about someone who wants […]

Problem Spectator–The Lacrosse Expert

This post is the next in a series of posts about problem spectators. Another type of problem spectator is the “lacrosse expert.” This is someone who may or may not know something about lacrosse, but insists on sharing his or her knowledge publicly. Usually these people have never coached in any sport, let alone small […]