Kids Lacrosse Drill: Ground Ball with Pursuit

Sometimes basic drills conceal a player’s difficulty. He performs passing, catching, and ground balls without difficulty, but has problems in more complex drills or in scrimmages. For instance, sometimes I have a player who scoops ground balls competently in a simple ground ball drill, but appears to lose the ability in a scrimmage. Instead of […]

What to Discuss With Your Player When Watching Lacrosse

When you watch lacrosse on TV, try to watch it with your player. You can add an element of education to viewing the game, if it won’t be too awkward or impair the experience. You’re the best judge to determine whether you can subtly interject topics. Some of the topics that are worth mentioning if […]

Lacrosse and TV

As spring tries to shake off winter’s slumber, at least in South Florida, many parents start thinking about their kids playing lacrosse, some for the first time. If you live in a lacrosse hotbed, your child probably saw lacrosse in utero. Elsewhere parents’ and players’ first view of the game could be their first lacrosse […]

Lacrosse, Cold Weather, and Little Kids

The recent waves of cold weather raise several issues in coaching kids’ lacrosse in low temperatures. I grew up where killing frosts snuck up in early October. In January and February the cold winds steel-wooled exposed skin and little kids’ tongues stuck to frost-covered metal. I didn’t live in tundra or within 1000 miles of permafrost, but I […]