Some Thoughts on Coaches’ Behavior

This post was written by Coach Tom on May 3, 2015
Posted Under: Kids Lacrosse

My team recently played a game against a visiting team whose coach went out of his way to be pleasant. After the game he even helped me put away the goals. His friendliness and assistance caused me to reflect upon coaches that I dislike playing against and ones that I like. It’s easy to dislike the coaches of teams that roll over your team and to ignore the coaches of the teams your teams surmount. I try hard to suppress such superficial and usually unjustified reactions. Nevertheless there are several things about some coaches that irritate me. Some of my irritation is justified.

Among the the conduct that irritates me is:

Coaches who scream at their players, harshly criticize players’ mistakes, or cheer on improper conduct. I dislike coaches who yell their heads off at minor infractions as though a murder has occurred on the field. It irritates me even more when the coach is incorrect about the supposed infraction. I remember an assistant coach’s screaming about my player’s being in the crease. I politely explained to him that since it was our goal my player was allowed in the crease.

Most kids’ lacrosse is played on an imperfectly marked field, but it doesn’t take much marking to know where midfield is. Teams and their coaches should stay on the sideline on their half of the field. Once in a while I have to remind a coach who is in the middle of my bench to return to his or her half of the field. When I requested that he move, one intense coach said, “How am going to coach my offense?” None of his players had yet graduated from second grade. Maybe he was running a 1-4-1.

Another issue I have is with coaches who don’t send their spectators to the opposite side of the field. Not only is this a bad example to other spectators, but it’s often accompanied with that coach’s spectators wandering into my bench area. I’ve even had these wanderers start messing with my team’s equipment.

As I reflect on this post, I’m disappointed that another coach’s kindness reminded me about coaches’ behaviors that irritate me.

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