DIY Coaching Tool: Goal Blocker

Goal blockers–also known as shot trainers, goal targets, goal trainers, shot rejectors, shot blockers, target rejectors, or Hector the Rejector’s–are pieces of cloth or vinyl that attach to a goal and block the majority of the goal opening. Teams often use them for shooting practice–particularly to encourage shooting along the goal pipe perimeter (the “pipes”) […]

The Value of a Whistle in Kids’ Lacrosse

Elementary school boys are noisy. They are even noisier when they get to lacrosse practice. During practice it can be hard to get their attention. A whistle is a useful means of getting players’ attention. A coach needs to get kids’ attention when practice starts, if the commencement of practice requires that attention. For instance, […]

Eighteen Items to Keep in Your Kids Lacrosse Team Bag

Eighteen Items to Keep in Your Team Bag