Announcing my new Kindle book: Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment

Boys’ lacrosse equipment often confounds parents and little kids. It has myriad pieces, can be hard to fit, and requires frequent adjustment as a child grows. Parents need help assisting their players. I’ve written Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment to provide that help.   If all that unusual equipment is spinning your head, Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment is […]

What Are Common Problems with a Kid’s Lacrosse Helmet? (Part 2)

My post “What are common problems with a kid’s lacrosse helmet (part 1)?” addressed the most common helmet problems of kids. Those are mostly problems relating to getting a helmet that fits and buckling it. Kids (and their parents) do have other helmet problems, though. The second most likely set of helmet problems are that […]

What are common problems with a kid’s lacrosse helmet (part 1)?

Helmets are one of the most important pieces of required equipment in kids lacrosse.  They are much better today than when I played.  I’ve heard that the powers-that-be continue to emphasize safety and the prevention of concussions.  Nevertheless kids’ helmets often present several problems for their parents and coaches. It’s very important to have a […]