Preparing a New Kids’ Lacrosse Stick

When you buy a new lacrosse stick for your player or if he’s getting a hand-me-down, there are several things you should do before putting the stick into play. The following brief anatomy of a lacrosse stick is from my recent post entitled “Selecting a Kids’ Lacrosse Stick.” All sticks have a head, a molded […]

Selecting a Kids’ Lacrosse Stick

Parents frequently ask which stick they should buy for their beginning player. The first thing I tell them is to avoid the expensive sticks. Fine sticks can cost several hundred dollars, but a stick for a munchkin should cost significantly less, less than 50 dollars in 2015 prices. The advanced capabilities of the more expensive […]

Announcing my new Kindle book: Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment

Boys’ lacrosse equipment often confounds parents and little kids. It has myriad pieces, can be hard to fit, and requires frequent adjustment as a child grows. Parents need help assisting their players. I’ve written Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment to provide that help.   If all that unusual equipment is spinning your head, Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment is […]

Kids’ Lacrosse Sticks: Six Tips and Sixty Seconds to Keep Them in Shape

Small problems with his stick can quickly cascade into big problems for the munchkin player.  Stick problems tend to arise at the most inopportune times. Sixty seconds of periodic prevention can keep your son playing when he would otherwise have to sit out during practice or a game. 1.  Remove dried mud from the stick’s […]

What is the best stick length for the elementary school lacrosse player?

Minimum size for a lacrosse stick for high school players and other “big kids” is 40 inches.  These are the so-called short sticks in lacrosse. Most short sticks sold are either 40 or 42 inches.  40 to 42 inches is too long a stick for many munchkins.  While these sticks can help the kids pick […]