When Opponents Are Fouling A Lot

It’s natural for a kids’ lacrosse coach to become annoyed when opponents foul a lot and the Ref doesn’t call the fouls. Personal fouls at the youngest levels often result in a player’s being sent off for a minute or the remainder of his rotation. Generally it’s to reinforce the message that he should avoid […]

Problem Spectators–The Spectator-coach

Over the course of several posts I am going to identify spectator behavior that causes problems. I’ll identify the behavior and explain why it’s a problem. If you coach for any length of time you’ll probably have a spectator that causes you grief. These problem spectators can present challenges in many ways. One kind of […]

How to Keep Order on the Sideline in Kids’ Lacrosse

Most coaches know that their role requires teaching lacrosse to kids and managing practices and games. During games, though, dealing with the shift changes, players’ equipment, and other issues can spin a sideline out of control. Then players tumble onto the field with unbuckled helmets and dangling mouth guards. They start clamoring to play one […]

Announcing My New Book, Kids’ Lacrosse: A Guide to Coaching Elementary School Boys Lacrosse

I am pleased to announce that my new book, Kids’ Lacrosse: A Guide to Coaching Elementary School Boys Lacrosse (Kindle/iPhone Edition), is now available at Amazon. Everyone thinking about coaching elementary school boys’ lacrosse, should read this book.  All Kindle Editions are available on the iPhone. Nowhere else will you receive such detailed help that drills […]

What to take from the first game of the season in kids lacrosse?

My team had its first game of the season last weekend.  I met them for the first time the evening before.  This team consists of first and second graders.  They are roughly half “experienced” players and half beginners. We had the first game of the day.  Although we’re located in the deep south, it was […]