DIY Coaching Tool: Goal Blocker

Goal blockers–also known as shot trainers, goal targets, goal trainers, shot rejectors, shot blockers, target rejectors, or Hector the Rejector’s–are pieces of cloth or vinyl that attach to a goal and block the majority of the goal opening. Teams often use them for shooting practice–particularly to encourage shooting along the goal pipe perimeter (the “pipes”) […]

How to Ensure That Your Player Doesn’t Get Recruited–Ever

One of my recent posts warned parents to refrain from counting on their child to secure an athletic scholarship to pay for college. I advised parents to support a munchkin’s having fun. But I was not suggesting that a parent impede a kid’s college-recruiting chances. Before you throw your hands in the air in frustration, […]

What Should Parents Want Their Son to Get Out Of Kids’ Lacrosse?

Asking what parents should expect their child to get out of kids’ lacrosse is a variation of asking what parents should expect their child should get out of any sports program. There are many possible answers to such a question. A child’s participation in sports can be fun. Kids enjoy playing games. Sports can teach […]

Why I Don’t Find Professional Lacrosse Very Interesting

The MLL, Major League Lacrosse, is professional lacrosse in the U.S. It’s the height of achievement for many lacrosse players. Each year some of the best college players graduate to the MLL. MLL games give lacrosse fans a chance to watch their favorite college stars play for many more years. Yet I find MLL games […]

A Player’s Role in Stick Care and Maintenance

In other posts I’ve discussed selecting a new stick, breaking it in, and determining the best length for a player. All of those tasks are the responsibility of a munchkin’s custodial adult. Nevertheless every player has a role in the care and maintenance of his lacrosse stick. To place this post in a proper context, […]

Preparing a New Kids’ Lacrosse Stick

When you buy a new lacrosse stick for your player or if he’s getting a hand-me-down, there are several things you should do before putting the stick into play. The following brief anatomy of a lacrosse stick is from my recent post entitled “Selecting a Kids’ Lacrosse Stick.” All sticks have a head, a molded […]

Selecting a Kids’ Lacrosse Stick

Parents frequently ask which stick they should buy for their beginning player. The first thing I tell them is to avoid the expensive sticks. Fine sticks can cost several hundred dollars, but a stick for a munchkin should cost significantly less, less than 50 dollars in 2015 prices. The advanced capabilities of the more expensive […]

Some Thoughts on Coaches’ Behavior

My team recently played a game against a visiting team whose coach went out of his way to be pleasant. After the game he even helped me put away the goals. His friendliness and assistance caused me to reflect upon coaches that I dislike playing against and ones that I like. It’s easy to dislike […]

Why You Should Care About Your Player Who Fouls

Do you have a player who commits numerous fouls? I’ve had them over the years. Coaches who have a player like this seem to fall into one of three categories. Some coaches are concerned and explain to the player what he’s doing wrong. Other coaches reinforce the behavior by expressing their approval: “That’s the way […]