Announcing My New Book: Kids’ Lacrosse Solutions

Kids’ Lacrosse Solutions:  Diagnosing and Solving Problems for Elementary School Boys’ Lacrosse Many young players struggle with basic lacrosse skills. Scores of them quit in frustration. Having someone steer them through the struggle can accelerate their mastery of lacrosse skills and hold their interest. When parents or coaches diagnose a problem and fix it, they […]

Announcing my new Kindle book: Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment

Boys’ lacrosse equipment often confounds parents and little kids. It has myriad pieces, can be hard to fit, and requires frequent adjustment as a child grows. Parents need help assisting their players. I’ve written Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment to provide that help.   If all that unusual equipment is spinning your head, Kids’ Lacrosse Equipment is […]

Now Available at Amazon: Kids’ Lacrosse for Parents

The print edition of my new book, Kids’ Lacrosse for Parents: What Your Son in Elementary School Needs You to Know, is now available at Amazon.  Elementary school boys are clamoring to play lacrosse, but lacrosse often confounds their parents. The lack of practical information casts numerous moms and dads adrift without a GPS.  If […]