What Should Parents Want Their Son to Get Out Of Kids’ Lacrosse?

Asking what parents should expect their child to get out of kids’ lacrosse is a variation of asking what parents should expect their child should get out of any sports program. There are many possible answers to such a question. A child’s participation in sports can be fun. Kids enjoy playing games. Sports can teach […]

Lacrosse, Cold Weather, and Little Kids

The recent waves of cold weather raise several issues in coaching kids’ lacrosse in low temperatures. I grew up where killing frosts snuck up in early October. In January and February the cold winds steel-wooled exposed skin and little kids’ tongues stuck to frost-covered metal. I didn’t live in tundra or within 1000 miles of permafrost, but I […]

Problem Spectators–The Spectator Bully

This is the next in a series of posts where I’m discussing spectator behavior that causes problems. Once in a while, a parent who is trying to coach from the spectators’ sideline will rush onto the field to put a player in what the spectator thinks is the correct position. It can happen on a […]

Problem Spectators–Spectator on the Field

This is the second in a series of posts where I’m discussing spectator behavior that causes problems. Another problem some spectators present is that they can’t stay off the field. Usually they just stand close to the sideline and occasionally step over it. Perhaps you’re thinking so what? What does it matter if a parent […]

Problem Spectators–The Spectator-coach

Over the course of several posts I am going to identify spectator behavior that causes problems. I’ll identify the behavior and explain why it’s a problem. If you coach for any length of time you’ll probably have a spectator that causes you grief. These problem spectators can present challenges in many ways. One kind of […]

Playing Kids’ Lacrosse with Older Kids

Every once in a while we see a very young player enter professional sports. You may remember the professional basketball player who wasn’t old enough to get a drink with his teammates. Occasionally in kids’ sports someone will want a player to play with older kids instead of his age group. Sometimes it’s because the […]

Nine Reasons Why Fall Lacrosse for Kids is Special

It’s the only fall sport where little kids can roughhouse. It’s safer than soccer and football. The weather gets cooler rather than hotter. There are fewer thunderstorms than in the spring. There are no late frosts or ice storms. Christmas and Chanukah remain available for lacrosse-related presents. It’s less hectic, with fewer players and games […]

Prenatal Lacrosse Education

In kids’ lacrosse, neither parents nor coaches should take themselves or the game too seriously. Nevertheless, this country needs more babies with superior lacrosse skills. To get these kids where we want them to be by high school, we’ve got to start them early. It makes no sense to start the lacrosse training earlier than […]

Now Available at Amazon: Kids’ Lacrosse for Parents

The print edition of my new book, Kids’ Lacrosse for Parents: What Your Son in Elementary School Needs You to Know, is now available at Amazon.  Elementary school boys are clamoring to play lacrosse, but lacrosse often confounds their parents. The lack of practical information casts numerous moms and dads adrift without a GPS.  If […]