New Youth Lacrosse Rules: Advantage Rule

US Lacrosse, the governing body of lacrosse, has promulgated a set of rules for youth lacrosse to encourage national uniformity in youth rules. I think some of them still need work. There are rules that apply to the under 15 year olds (U15), under 13 year olds (U13), under 11 (U11), or the under 9 […]

First Practice of the Season

The first kids’ lacrosse practice of the season is your initial opportunity to determine where your team needs work, but that’s not the only thing you should consider. The first practice is also the best time to tell your players what you expect of them.  A few simple rules are best. My players learn that […]

Abusing Kids’ Lacrosse Referees

I like to watch players that I coached in elementary school as they get older and more skilled. I went to a game the other day that had players I had coached several years ago. It was a real treat to see them now.  Unfortunately, near the end of the game, their coach mouthed off […]

Lacrosse Lore and the Shot Rule

As most kids’ lacrosse coaches know, the team with a player closest to a shot when it goes out of bounds gets the ball.  So the shooting team can retain possession of its own out of bounds shot. This “Shot Rule” is unique to lacrosse and encourages players on both teams to hustle chasing shots. […]