Coaching Mistakes–Overestimating Players’ Skills

This post is the first of an occasional series regarding some coaching mistakes that occur when coaching little kids in lacrosse. I’ve made most of them and I want you to benefit from my mistakes. The very first coaching mistake I made when I started coaching kids’ lacrosse was thinking that the excellent coaching I […]

Ambidexterity in Kids’ Lacrosse: the Myth and the Reality

Lacrosse players need to pass and catch both right-handed and left-handed. For many years conventional wisdom mandated teaching at the same time use of both hands. In other words, lacrosse coaches thought you should teach right-handed players to go both right- and left-handed when teaching them passing and catching, and, teach left-handed players also to […]

Kids’ Lacrosse: Warming Up With Flip Drills

Flip drills are self-paced individual drills. Each player flips and catches a ball repeatedly. These drills help develop hand-eye coordination and can teach use of the non-dominant hand. They also provide a routine that the munchkins can do at home. Very young and new players may have difficulty progressing from the simplest to the more […]

Announcing Kids’ Lacrosse Drills: Drills That Work for Elementary School Boys

The print edition of my new book, Kids’ Lacrosse Drills: Drills That Work for Elementary School Boys, is now available at Amazon. It joins my books Kids’ Lacrosse and Kids’ Lacrosse for Parents.  Do you coach elementary school boys’ lacrosse? If so, you need drills for developing your players’ skills. Drills that work for older […]

Why can ground balls be the most important skill in kids lacrosse?

The ball is on the ground much of the time in kids’ lacrosse.  The  team that gets the most ground balls will often win the ball  possession game.  While prevailing in possession is important, I  emphasize ground balls for another reason.  It’s the skill that is the  easiest to learn. Very young players often haven’t […]