Ground Balls: The First Skill in Kids’ Lacrosse

If you’re new to lacrosse, it won’t be long before someone tells you that successful lacrosse starts with ground balls. The ball is on the ground a lot in lacrosse—more so when the players are in elementary school. The team that picks up the most ground balls usually scores the most goals. Picking up ground […]

Announcing Kids’ Lacrosse Drills: Drills That Work for Elementary School Boys

The print edition of my new book, Kids’ Lacrosse Drills: Drills That Work for Elementary School Boys, is now available at Amazon. It joins my books Kids’ Lacrosse and Kids’ Lacrosse for Parents.  Do you coach elementary school boys’ lacrosse? If so, you need drills for developing your players’ skills. Drills that work for older […]

What is the best stick length for the elementary school lacrosse player?

Minimum size for a lacrosse stick for high school players and other “big kids” is 40 inches.  These are the so-called short sticks in lacrosse. Most short sticks sold are either 40 or 42 inches.  40 to 42 inches is too long a stick for many munchkins.  While these sticks can help the kids pick […]

Why can ground balls be the most important skill in kids lacrosse?

The ball is on the ground much of the time in kids’ lacrosse.  The  team that gets the most ground balls will often win the ball  possession game.  While prevailing in possession is important, I  emphasize ground balls for another reason.  It’s the skill that is the  easiest to learn. Very young players often haven’t […]