How to Treat a Talented Player

When coaching little kids there is often a wide disparity in skill levels. Some players are well along in their skills development and others are just beginning. Also, everyone who coaches for any length of time will have a team with one or two very talented players. Both circumstances present a similar problem: How does […]

The Importance of Team in Kids’ Lacrosse

  The US women’s gymnastics team is a collection of individuals competing alone in events, but nevertheless functioning as a unified, supportive team. Watching them at the Olympics has reminded me of the value of learning to play as a team in kids’ lacrosse. Even though a collection of munchkins is unlikely to function together […]

Coaching Your Own Child In Kids’ Lacrosse

Many parent coaches don’t think twice about coaching their own children.  Often it’s the reason they volunteered to coach in the first place.   More parents should coach, but more parents who do coach should carefully evaluate how they should coach their own children. The parent coach should follow the first principle of medical treatment: Primum […]

What’s Wrong With Leveling Selection of Kids Lacrosse Teams?

There is nothing wrong with leveling selection of kids lacrosse teams.